Voxhaul Broadcast

The now defunct Voxhaul Broadcast was a Silver Lake, Los Angeles based indie rock band formed in 2006. The band was composed of four childhood friends, David Denis (lead vocals and guitars), Anthony Aguiar (guitars and keyboards), Phil Munsey II (bass guitar), and Kurt Allen (drums).

This was their official website. Content is from a number of the site's archived pages, plus some of their YouTube videos.

 Voxhaul  indie rock
David Dennis - vocals, guitar
Anthony Aguiar - guitar, keys, vocals
Phillip Munsey II - bass
Kurt Allen - drums

We are often told to make the most of each day, but VOXHAUL BROADCAST took this mantra to the extreme. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the quartet recorded and mixed their debut EP Rotten Apples live – in ONE day. The result harnessed a sound that blends indie rock with soulful undertones.

Voxhaul Broadcast "Rotten Apples" OFFICIAL VIDEO 2008

Now Echo Park locals, VOXHAUL BROADCAST has grown to be a local favorite in LA. Their debut full-length, Timing Is Everything, was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Tom Biller (Silversun Pickups, Seawolf, Liars). Timing Is Everything captures the power of the quartet’s live performances while still holding true to their trademark blend of r&b, rock and soul


2010 POSTS


Finishing Our First Album at The Fireside Studio!



Voxhaul Broadcast is finishing up some songs for their new album with Chris Thorn from Blind Melon in his Fireside Studio right now. As you may know, Christopher Thorn is the guitarist for the popular band Blind Melon and also has his own recording studio in Los Angeles.

Check out some pictures of Voxhaul Broadcast in the Fireside Studio with Christopher in tephotos section in the Fireside Gallery. We will also be posting some video, so check back soon!

“Fact or Fiction” being played on KROQ this Sunday night!



KROQ radio station is going to spin “Fact of Fiction” this coming Sunday night 1/31 between 9-10PM PST! Connect to the KROQ radio player online. Thanks go out to Kat for showing some love with playing our song Fact or Fiction on the “World Famous” KROQ radio!

Ending the Year on a High Note!


We are closing out 2009 with the songs “Tattooed Bible,”  “Fact or Fiction,” and “Days are Long,” all getting some serious airplay on a number of very popular radio stations. And these songs all coming off our unknown and unreleased EP “Fact, Fiction & Turquoise.” It’s been a stellar year!

Next year should be no exception. We are hoping to sign with a new label, release a new album, and go on tour all in early 2010.

Check back often, tune in, and get ready for Voxhaul Broadcast to perform in your town!

Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!

Voxhaul Broadcast playing Live at The Echo!



VB getting daily airplay on NME, KCRW, and Indie 103.1!



December is turning out to be a very good month for us. We were featured on Chris Martin’s radio show on NMEradio.com as Record of the Week as well as having our song “Fact or Fiction” played on KCRW’s the ‘Nic Harcourt’ show. Also, our song “Days are Long” is the 25th best on Kevin Bronson’s Buzz Bands LA Playlist 2009 and is currently being played on Indie 103.1 radio! This means we are getting exposure in both the UK and the United States! We are very excited about this because it places our music in the ears of a great many people, more than ever before. Also, it just may very well provide us with an excellent opportunity to take our music further.

So listen for us on these stations by clicking KCRW or NMEradio or Indie 103.1.

Voxhaul Broadcast featured on the ‘Nic Harcourt’ show!


This past Sunday Voxhaul Broadcast debuted on KCRW’s the Nic Harcourt show. This is great news! Not only does this give us some welcome exposure, but many of the bands that have been featured on Nic’s show have gone on to become successful. We would like to thank Nic for playing our music on his show.

Nic Harcourt

Host of ‘Nic Harcourt,’ former KCRW Music Director

Regarded as the ultimate “tastemaker” in music, Nic Harcourt is the former host of both Morning Becomes Eclectic and the syndicated show Sounds Eclectic. After 10 years as KCRW Music Director, Nic stepped down in 2008 to pursue other opportunities. Still a DJ at KCRW, Nic currently serves as an Editor-at-Large for Music and Culture at the Los Angeles Times Magazine and is music supervisor for the hit show 90210.

Voxhall Broadcast playing at the Acoustic Christmas Benefit



Voxhaul Broadcast “Record of the Week” on NME Radio!


We have some great news!Chris Martin of NMEradio.com has chosen Voxhaul Broadcast as his Record of the Week! Tune in to the station beginning Nov 30th to Dec 4th between the hours of 19:00 – 23:00 Monday to Friday, and 12:00 – 16:00 Sunday to hear us. Our thanks go out to Chris Martin for exposing our music to the NME radio listening fans!

Voxhaul Broadcast on Current TV!


Current TV posted the Voxhaul Broadcast daytrotter.com studio article on their website! 

Read the full daytrotter.com studio session on Voxhaul Broadcast below.

Also, we have some exciting news coming in December,  so be sure to come back often and find out the latest. You won’t be dissapointed!

Voxhaul Broadcast on Daytrotter.com<



Join Us As We Leave It All Behind

We know because we’ve met them, we’ve seen them, but on sound alone, the guys in Voxhaul Broadcast would be the kind of boys who would never be ashamed of being a wee bit unwashed. They wouldn’t get bent out of shape were they to have hairs going this way and that and a mad scruff of scraggly beard rounding out their hedge of a chin. They walk about with long-sleeved shirts unbuttoned and melting from their bony bones, an undershirt of white cotton, V-necked and revealing a thick shag of chest hair. Everything just lingers on them, on their bodies, on their droopy eyes and on their tongues. They’re hanging on fewer hours of rest than they likely need, but they’re living so fully that these things don’t matter. These young men from Orange County, Calif., aren’t interested in distressed feelings or cluttering emotions, just in the release of all the invisible hands weighing them down like metal ore. They are interested in getting out there with the trade winds and all of the good things in life that are free and there for the picking – lengthy conversations, hugs and kisses, fat blue skies and endless wonder. They make a grand party of kicking their feet up and reaching for something that’s been cooling on ice for a good couple of hours. Things couldn’t really be any better, or so we’re led to believe as they tender some shambling hollow-bodied guitar lines, and lead singer David Dennis howls out his words as if they were intended to be the first impressions for women he’d like to impress in a meaningful way, not just to get flirty with. It’s kind of like the way Springsteen would sing if he were trying to get a wife – lines like “Tired of always trying to keep my fingers crossed,” from “Chained To Reason,” lines about the chase and the unsettling race to be successful, popular, older and ready for the hits and the black eyes to establish a mood. There’s this calm and dreamy feeling that any troubles that might be out there, existing and exerting their will, will blow over like a freak afternoon shower, turning a day into a night and then back into a day with a blinking’s quickness. Dennis mentions such things as the breezes and some mysterious echo on songs that bear the words in their titles and they form these lilting and often breathtaking moments of drifting and lolling, where it’s okay to just apply some sunblock, slide the shades into place, lean back and just fall asleep. He sings, “Everybody’s talking about the echo, hanging from the crowded room/I don’t see the sunshine waiting for the lazy day,” and he’s already there, half caring about anything that’s wrong and half oblivious to it. We take up the cause and just drift along with them. We’re leaving it all behind.

Article from Daytrotter.com
Words by Sean Moeller
Illustration by Johnnie Cluney
Sound engineering by Mike Gentry

Voxhaul Broadcast "Leaving on the 5th" OFFICIAL VIDEO 2011

Twitter Comments

Chris Martin from NME radio wrote:
"I f***ing love this track by Voxhaul Broadcast. Fact or Fiction. Someone sign them!"

Roxy Roknian wrote:
"You can tell Voxhaul Broadcast are having a great time up there, dancing around the entire stage and captivating the swooning audience. It’s hard to not wiggle your behind to their Doors-like bass lines. Upbeat songs are their strong suit and damn do they play it well, I can’t wait to see where they go.”

Wongie wrote:
"nothing like a california band that celebrates classic soul (james brown and al green are influences) with some good ol fashion rock n roll. the catchy guitar hook alone is worth a listen, throw in a raw vocalist and these guys have officially been placed on my radar."

blahblahblahscience.com wrote:
"'Fact or Fiction' is taken from the fourthcoming Voxhaul Broadcast EP Fact Fiction and Turquoise. so fact or fiction?? this track does lots of things right. like The Walkmen done right. in affect, Otis Redding done right. maybe even rock and roll done right? hmmma, TCB baby, tcb."
NME.com Radio

Natalie wrote:
"I really like this [Voxhaul Broadcast]! It is really reminiscent of the Walkmen, who had said they had been really influenced by Otis Redding. Sounds like this group has been as well! Beautiful and ghostly!"

"When I think underrated '08 releases, Voxhaul Broadcast's Rotten Apples instantly comes to mind. The band recently did a session with Daytrotter, and it sounds pretty epic. The four-song set features three unreleased tracks, so anyone begging for a new LP might use this to calm their demons."




Voxhaul Broadcast - Turn the Knife (Official Video) 2012